DOL Resource Center

You need tools. We have put together the best resources from our carriers and created some tools you can use to be compliant with the DOL Fiduciary Rule under PTE 84-24 for 2017.

DOL Compliant Disclosures: These tools will be used in every qualified sale.

How To Comply with the DOL for 2017

PTE 84-24 Disclosure
Best Interview Review
Disclosure Templates 

Remember, there are no 'standard' disclosure forms to comply with the DOL. You can use ours or use these templates to create your own:

Alternative PTE 84-24 Disclosure

LSW Disclosure Statement of Recommendations

North American Best Interest Questionnaire

North American Best Interest Review Template

DOL Information from Carriers

North American Understanding Your Fiduciary Obligations Guide

Athene - Guide to the DOL

EquiTrust - DOL Information for EquiTrust Agents

LSW/NLG DOL Information Page (Login Required)

AIG DOL Playbook

DOL Training

DOL website

EquiTrust DOL Training (Login Required)

North American DOL Resource Center (Login Required)

National Life Group - Recorded DOL Compliance Webinar

AIG DOL Training Seminar (Login Required)

Best Practices

Be ready for the DOL Fiduciary Rule

  • Review your book of business and determine how much of your business is impacted.
  • Review the new product universe for FIA business under the DOL Rule.
  • Modify your process to include the new best interest form and 84-24 disclosure.
  • If you aren’t already using a financial needs analysis software, consider it.